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About Us

Our Philosophy

At red rocks coaching, we believe there is a better way to work and conduct business than has mostly evolved over the past 30 years. We love to work with people who also recognise the need for a new approach, for their own careers as well as their organizations. Possibly someone like you.

We have sourced what we believe to be amongst the best in forward-thinking about leadership so that the perspectives we share and the skills we teach will enable you to take control of your situation and "show the way" within your own business or organisation, whether you currently have leadership responsibilities or you aspire to them in the future.  

Our approach

We believe there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to helping someone understand themselves better, take back control of their lives, and learn how to grow into larger roles in their organisations or society in general. We start where you are, but we lay out a roadmap, and identify the kit you will probably need to navigate the journey. Where you go and at what stage you start acquiring what you will need is largely up to you and your circumstances. But we aim for rapid progress where at all possible!

About me...

The owner and principal coach at red rocks coaching is me, Tim O'Connell. For larger assignments I can call on a select network of other coaches/consultants around the world who share a similar philosophy and have a similar approach. Most of them are have thought-leader expertise in their field.

As a bit of background, I held leadership positions for 15 years in both industry and management consulting before turning to the central question of "how can business be run in a better way and what kind of leadership would be required?". That took me on the path to today where I offer my coaching and consulting services to those who share a similar desire to find out and, to then apply their findings to their own lives, careers and businesses.

How We Work


We deal in truth here, but we are not confrontational about it...


Trust is key. We are working in partnership with your truth and honesty. That makes you vulnerable and we therefore protect that and keep you safe.


We think we can do a pretty good job of helping you break things down intellectually, but we also use other aspects of intelligence when working with you: emotional and, yes, spiritual intelligence (or intuition if you prefer). 


We can go fast if you need us to; at other times you will want to take it very gently and that's OK with us. We respect your process. We'll move on when you're ready to.


We want to get to know you very well, and you us. That way we establish a connection of trust that we find is vital to a successful working relationship. We are also careful to maintain that trust throughout.


The course of true evolution never did run smooth... We anticipate surprises along the way, not least resistance suddenly arising  (yours or others).

What We Offer

Bespoke programs

You and your situation are unique. How we can help you may well require a bespoke approach in terms of the time we spend together and the nature of the problem we will tackle. To that end, we are always open to discuss creating a coaching arrangement that is targeted specifically at your needs.

Grow Your Career: 12-Month Program

Whether you feel your career is plateauing, or you are faced with taking on additional challenges and don't feel fully-equipped, this is the program for you. Over the course of 12 months, we will work together to ensure you have what you need to what you need to be successful, now and in the future. 

Become an Influential Leader: 12-Month Program

If your leadeship style to date has been more based on luck than judgement , then this is the program for you. Over 12 months, learn how to inspire yourself and others, gain new perspectives and skills based on the best in current thinking, sourced from thought leaders around the world.

Grow Your Career: 12-Month Program

Understand Your Market

Whether your market is external or internal to your business, you need to have a deep understanding of its characteristics and what it takes to succeed. We work with you to achieve this.

Understand Your Customers

Who is buying from you? No really, even if you work for someone else's company you have "customers" for YOU! Learn what it is they're buying, why they might not be getting what they want from you, and what you can shift to change that.

Define Your Goals

Goals? Don't have any? Time to focus on what you want to achieve, in all areas of your life. Many fall into the trap of simply accepting goals that others have given to them; be different!

Build Your Presence

Who knows about you and what do they know? What would you like others to think about when they think of you? By taking the initiative you can focus on who you need to influence and how.

Get Out Of Your Own Way...

Often the real obstacles to success lies within us. Our own beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of. What do you know about yours? We will work together to change what you believe about yourself into something that supports and enables your true potential

Become an Influential Leader: 12-Month Program

Know Yourself

Get to know who you really are. Explore your many parts (for your many roles) and understand why you are the way you are. Learn to bring how you really want to be into your life; take control of what you do and how you do it.  

Grow Your Influence

The ability to influence others is key to being a true leader. But understanding how to do that is not so straighforward. We combine psychology with heart to help you grow.

Develop a (New) Reputation

Tired of how the world sees you? Want to shift the old ways (even if so far they've proven to be successful)? Create the name and reputation that you want and deserve.

Create a New Message

What do you stand for in your role? How well is this received? Perhaps it's time to create a new message that will resonate much more clearly and successfully with your audience.

Find a New Sense of Purpose

Knowing and believing in why you do something provides the fuel to keep doing it. When the motivation starts running dry, it's time to take a fresh look at your "why" (but you probably already know that...).

Overcome Fear

Move past any outdated fear-based strategies that might still be lurking in your behaviour and thinking; create and adopt new models that are based on establishing real connection and trust.

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